General Information

Configure your laptop to use the wireless service with a network name or SSID of nceas. There are several other wireless signals that can be accessed in the Balboa Building, but nceas is the only one supported by NCEAS.

To use the Wifi, you will need to enter a WPA2 password. The password can be found in the conference rooms, or you can ask anybody on the computing team.

Windows 7

  1. Click on the icon to connect to a network in the system notification area
  2. Choose nceas, click the Connect button that appears image
  3. Enter the Security key (wireless password), then click OK image


  1. Click the Wi-Fi status in the menu bar
  2. Select nceas <img src=images/wifi_connect_high_sierra.png width=”400px”/>
  3. Enter the password when the wireless preferences window appears and click Join <img src=images/wifi_password_high_sierra.png width=”500px”/>