Audio Conferencing

Today, audio-conferencing is either done using the old conventional phone systems (aka land-lines, aka POTS), cellphones, or VOIP. If you are using your computer or a smart-phone on wireless (not cell) to converse, e.g. with Skype– you are using VOIP.

The four Videoconferencing (VTC) solutions that NCEAS supports all permit dial-in via POTS or cellphones, as well as VOIP via computer or wireless-equipped smartphones. These solutions are:

There are many more potential “solutions” available– but the above four are all decent and recommended. In addition, we can equip our conference and meeting rooms with speaker phones if needed.

Conventional phone systems, or “POTS”

NCEAS has a few Polycom speakerphones available for checkout. | Soundstation EX | Soundstation VTX 1000 |
| ————— | ————————
| | ![image](images/soundstation_vtx_1000.jpg?300}} ![image](images/vtx1000_extension_mics_2.jpg}} |
| | \ |


  1. Place SoundStation on a flat surface in the center of the room or desk, if possible.
  2. Voices should be directed toward the SoundStation.
  3. Insert the wall/interface module plug into an electrical outlet.
  4. Plug the telephone cable into the interface module when using the VTX 1000 and connect it from the wall/interface module to a jack with a standard analog phone line.
  5. Adjust the ringer volume switch which is located on the bottom of the SoundStation.
  6. To make or receive a call:
*  Press the On/Off button to hear a dial tone and dial the other part \\ or
*  Press On/Off when you hear a SoundStation tone.

To control the microphone

  1. Press Mute to prevent the other party(s) from hearing your conversation. Once the Mute button has been pressed, status lights will change to blinking red.
  2. Press Mute again to resume two-way communications.

Conference calls

3-way conference

To create a 3-way conference call use the FLASH button on a regular phone or the Soundstation EX, or the CONF button on the Soundstation VTX 1000. Only outgoing calls can be joined into a multi-point call:

  1. During an ongoing call, press FLASH or CONF.
  2. At the dial tone, enter the 3rd party’s phone number. You can use a calling card, if necessary.
  3. When the new party has answered, press the FLASH/CONF button again to join the calls.

See pages 8 and 9 in the for more information.

n-way (n>3) conference

To join 4 or more parties into a conference call, we are using a service from Infinite Conferencing. Please get the instructions from the main office (309).


We have VOIP speakerphones, microphones and headsets available for loan. We also support VOIP technologies such as Skype.

See Thomas in room 333 to borrow any of our VOIP accessories and to get help setting them up.