Instructions for Installing Printer Drivers

In additions to printer specific drivers, Windows, macOS, and Linux have built-in drivers or can use generic PS or PCL drivers for our copy machines ad LaserJet printers.

Printers for Use

Detailed Installation Instructions for macOS

Canon iR ADV C250iF (LJ3 & LJ9)


  1. Get the printer driver from the computing team or download the latest from Canon - use the recommended driver which starts with “UFRII_…”
  2. Double-click the .dmg file and follow the instructions to install the driver
  3. Open System Preferences
    • => Printers & Scanners
    • => Click the “+” sign in the lower left corner to add a new printer, fax, or scanner
    • => IP
    • => Address: or
    • => Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD
    • => Name: LJ3 - General Copier or LJ9 - Admin Copier
    • => Use: Select Software…
    • => Canon iR-ADV C250/350 - see image above
    • => Add
  4. Set printing to default to black & white
    • Open the Terminal and run cupsctl WebInterface=yes to enable the CUPS webinterface
    • Go to http://localhost:631/printers/
      • => Click on LJ3_General_Copier or LJ9_Admin_Copier (or similar)
      • => Maintenance: Set Default Options
      • => General
      • => Color Mode: Black and White;
      • => Click the “Set Default Options” button to confirm and enter your username and password (of your computer account)
    • Run cupsctl WebInterface=no in the Terminal to disable the CUPS webinterface again

      Additional steps for LJ3

      Because of cost we had to disable color printing on the Vislab copy machine (LJ3) which requires additional steps on your computer to be able to print: System Preferences => Printers & Scanners => highlight LJ3 - General Copier => Options & Supplies…

  5. … => Options => enable Department ID Management
  6. … => Utility => Open Printer Utility
    • enable Use Department ID Management
    • Department ID: 1111
    • enable Do Not Use Department ID Management When B&W Printing