Using the projectors

With any laptop

You can use your own laptop or check one out from the computing support team (333)

Using dual projection or projector A or B only

  1. Make sure Output A and Output B of the HDMI switcher (on the back side of the pillar) are set to 1
* You can change the selected outputs with the **Selection** buttons `<WRAP centeralign>`![image](images/hdmi_switcher.jpg?400|}}\\ HDMI Matrix Switch`</WRAP>`  2. 
- Use your own laptop with the HDMI cable that should already be plugged into port 1 (see photo) and, if necessary, use the provided Mini DisplayPort, VGA or DVI adapter. The display adapters are on the podium or in the toolbox on the side table next to the couch. `<WRAP centeralign>`![image](images/lounge_front_wall_outlet.jpg?300|}}\\ Ports underneath the projection screens`</WRAP>`\\ or
- Check out a laptop from Thomas in room 333  3.  Disable **Computer Sleep** and screen savers to prevent the screen from turning off or switching to a screen saver animation in the middle of your presentation  4.  Enable display output to external monitor (instructions vary based on model, some laptops do this automatically)

* See [ troubleshooting tips](#troubleshooting_tips ) below  5.  If you are giving a PowerPoint presentation, you can use the RemotePoint Navigator
-  Plug the receiver part into a USP port on your laptop (cancel any message about a new keyboard detected on Mac)
-  Use the presenter part to advance the slides or highlight things on the screen with the built-in laser pointer.

With an AirPlay capable device

<WRAP group> <WRAP 50% column> You can use your own AirPlay capable Mac laptop or iPad, or check out the NCEAS iPad from the computing support team (333). AirPlay capable Macs (2011+) and iPads (gen 2+) can wirelessly mirror their screen to the Apple TV that is mounted on the projector.

  1. Use the HDMI1 button on the projector to switch the input.
  2. Press MENU on the Apple TV remote to wake it up.
  3. Disable Computer Sleep on the laptop to prevent being disconnected from the Apple TV.
  4. Choose AirPlay to the Lounge on the AirPlay capable device. </WRAP> <WRAP Center 30% column> ![image](images/airplay.png?300|}}\ AirPlay Display </WRAP>

Troubleshooting tips

If the display is not showing up on the projector …