Mount Your Home Directory

These are instructions for mounting/mapping a shared folder to a desktop or laptop. These instructions will only work from a computer connected to the NCEAS network or the UCSB VPN.


Mount Your Home Directory

  1. On the Finder menu bar, click Go, then Connect to Server…
  2. Type in the server and share name (i.e. <nowiki>smb://</nowiki>)
  3. Click OK, enter your username and password, and click OK again


Map Your Home Directory


  1. Click Start -> Computer
  2. Click Map network drive
  3. Enter \aurora\homes in the box labeled Folder:
  4. Click Finish

Map Multiple Home Directories

If you have already mapped a homes share, subsequent maps need to take the form of \aurora\username.

Mount Multiple Home Directories in macOS

This is only needed if you’re mounting multiple <nowiki>//aurora/homes</nowiki> shares. Most people will want to use the simpler steps above.

Option 1: Finder

Mount all shares with a username and password. Be sure to erase this information when finished if you’re using a shared computer, or others will be able to view your password. See the next option for more security. smb://username:password@aurora/username

Option 2: Terminal

Open a terminal and run the following commands (replace username with the username you wish to connect with): $ mkdir ~/Desktop/username $ mount -t smbfs //username@aurora/username ~/Desktop/username When finished, you may need to unmount the share manually $ umount ~/Desktop/username

More File Access Options