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A/V Equipment


List of Projectors and LCDs


Type Qty / Model Resolution Live Video Interface Location Notes
Camcorder Sony HDR-CX700V 1080p HDMI 333 - shelf behind Thomas Handbook
User Manual
Camcorder Canon ZR950 480p Firewire 333 - shelf behind Thomas
IP camera Dahua IPC-HDBW4800E 4K @ 15fps
3M/1080p @ 25/30fps
Network H.323 323 Features & Specs
click here for additional notes
Streaming Livestream Broadcaster 720p N/A 333 - large filing cabinet
Polycom MPTZ-5N PowerCam NTSC Network H.323 333 - wire shelf
Webcam 5 x Logitech C930e 1080p USB 2 State Street Room (301)
Lounge (315/316)
2 x Paseo Room (323)
Breakout Room(327)
4th floor conf room (424)
90-degree field of view
Webcam Logitech QuickCam Orbit AF 1600 x 1200 USB 2 304 motorized face tracking with Windows drivers,
eye level stand



Type Model Location Notes
POTS Speakerphone Soundstation VTX 1000 Paseo Room (323) 2 wireless extension mics
POTS Speakerphone 3 x Soundstation EX State Street Room (301)
Breakout Room (327)
333 - large filing cabinet
2 extension mics each
Bluetooth Speakerphone 2 x Logitech UE Mini Boom 333 - large filing cabinet Bluetooth
1/8“ Out
USB is solely for charging
USB Speakerphone Phoenix Audio Quattro 2 333 - large filing cabinet USB
1/8” Out
RJ11 & smaller RJ
USB Speakerphone ClearOne 150 306 USB
Line Input/Output via Video Conferencing Breakout Box
USB Speakerphone ClearOne 50 304 USB
1/8“ Line I/O
USB Speakerphone 5 x Phoenix Audio Duet MT202-EXE 333 - large filing cabinet USB
1/8” Speaker Out
2.5 mm Headphone Out
USB Speakerphone Revolabs FLX UC 500 Breakout Room (327) USB
USB Speakerphone Revolabs FLX UC 1500 State Street Room (301) USB
PC Microphone
with echo cancellation
2 x ClearOne AccuMic PC 333 - large filing cabinet 1/8“ Mic Out
1/8” Speaker Out
1/8“ Speaker Ref In
Wireless Microphone System Shure Microflex Wireless Paseo Room (323) - AV cart 1/4” Headphone Out, 1/8“ Aux In
Automixer SCM820
6 x Boundary Mics MXW6/O (Omnidirectional)
Handheld Mic MXW2/SM58
Bodypack Transmitter MXW1/O + Lavalier MX150B/O-TQG (Omnidirectional)
Networked Charging Station MXWNCS8
Access Point Transceiver MXWAPT8
Cisco Switch SG 200-08P
Wireless Microphone System Audio 2000'S AVM6032U Lounge (315/316) - on window sill XLR Balanced Out
1/4” Unbalanced Mono Out
Wireless Lavalier Mic AWX6030M
Wireless Handheld Mic AWX6030
Wireless Receiver AWR6032M
USB Microphone Samson G-Track 333 - large filing cabinet USB
1/8“ Out
1/8” In
Speakers M-Audio Studiophile AV 40 Paseo Room (323) - next to the AV cart RCA L/R In
1/4“ L/R In
1/8” Aux In
1/8“ Headphone Out
Speakers Mackie CR4 Lounge (315/316) RCA L/R In
1/4” L/R In
1/8“ Aux In
1/8” Headphone Out
Speakers Klipsch Groove PM20 333 - wire shelf 1/8“ Line In
1/8” Aux In
1/8“ Headphone Out
Recorder Zoom H4n 333 - large filing cabinet XLR Out
1/4” Out

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