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Calendaring at NCEAS is hosted by Google Calendar, via the NCEAS G Suite for Education service.

Quick Summary of Features

  • Sharing of calendars and events
  • Invites
  • Resource reservation
  • Gmail integration
  • Google Hangouts videoconferencing integration


Sharing of calendars and events

  • Entire calendars can be shared with other users with read-only or read-write permissions
  • Calendars can be made public
  • Single calendar events can be shared with other users with read-only or read-write permissions


  • People can be invited to calendar events. The Invitee can view who has accepted and declined the invite

Resource Reservation

  • Items, such as conference rooms, projectors, or videoconferencing accounts, can be made into resources
  • Resources can be reserved on a first-come bases, by everyone or by specific users
  • Resources are not allowed to be double-booked, and booked times will not appear to people trying to reserve the resource

Gmail Integration

  • Dates and times in emails will be underlined with a dotted line. These can be clicked, and a calendar event can be added without leaving Gmail
  • Events created from Gmail will have a link back to the original email from the calendar event

Google Hangouts Videoconferencing Integration

  • Creating an event in Google Calendar will present the option to create a video call at the scheduled time
  • Video calls created through Google Calendar will have a maximum of 15 users with video enabled (this is 9 more video users than GoToMeeting or WebEx)
  • Meetings have a customizable URL when created through Google Calendar
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