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Chat and Instant Messaging

NCEAS supports Slack for chat rooms and Google+ Hangouts for instant messaging.


Slack is a persistent chat messaging app with dedicated channels for topics and projects. Fill out the simple Slack signup form with your email address to get started. Once you are connected, join one or more channels of interest, which include:

  • #nceas: general discussions about NCEAS issues
  • #help: Computing support team
  • #office: Front office and administrative issues
  • #computing: quick help questions to the computing team
  • #datateam: data recovery team
  • #devteam: software development team
  • #knb: KNB development team
  • #sasap: State of Alaskan Salmon and People
  • #ohi: Ocean Health Index
  • #social: some fun stuff
  • and many others…

Google+ Hangouts

Login to GMail via your NCEAS G Suite for Education account and use the Google Hangouts app at the bottom left of the page. If your page is displaying Google Talk, click the link to switch it to Google+ Hangouts for voice and video features.

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