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NOTE: Schedule changed to Wednesdays

An informal brown-bag lunch for discussing current issues in ecological informatics and related technology. Each week one person volunteers to jumpstart the discussion with a brief 20 minute presentation about some project or feature they are working on or some other topic of interest, followed by 40 minutes of discussion. DevLunch aims to increase the contact between people working at MSI and NCEAS on closely related informatics projects, including the NCEAS Ecoinformatics research group, the PISCO development group, the SBC and MCR information managers, and the NCEAS computing staff, among others. We'll try to support remote connectivity to the lunch for folks like Matt and Chris using VNC and Gizmo, but DevLunch is mostly intended to get local people at MSB more in touch with what everyone is doing.

When: Wednesdays at 12:30, starting July 27, 2006

Where: Marine Science Building 4th floor conference room

Who: Ecoinformatics people at MSB/NCEAS

     For example:
     Dan, Josh, Jing, Chad, Matt J, Derik, Chris, Ben
     Callie, Mark, Jim R, Rick, Shaun
     Margaret, Jordan, Chris, Sabine, Chad Burt
     Jim W, Mike F, Nick, Thomas


  • 20 minute informal presentation, 40 minutes discussion
  • slides/demo optional
  • should not require a lot of prep time for the speaker – keep it informal, and more discussion than presentation

2008 schedule

Whether devlunch is held or not, location schedule is now static (for ease of NCEAS scheduling).

  • Jan 9: Chris Barteau: API Design Issues (half hour presentation); Callie Bowdish: New Release of Metacat and Experiences with XSLT (half hour presentation)
  • Jan 23:
  • Feb 6: Shaun Walbridge: NCEAS Collaboration sites – @ MSRB (i.e. “MSI”)
  • Feb 20: Kevin Drury: Kruger National Park TPCs and Kepler – @ NCEAS (“downtown”)
  • Mar 5: Colin Ebert: The Technical Aspects of Mapping The World at 1km2 – @ MSI (4th floor)
  • Mar 19: Ben Leinfelder: FIRST project and the Datamanager library – @ NCEAS (“downtown”)
  • Apr 2: Matt Jones and others: The road to SVN – @ MSI (4th floor)
  • Apr 16: none
  • Apr 30: @MSI
  • May 14: @NCEAS
  • May 28: Jing Tao: Fixing Illegitimate EML Schemas in Metacat – @ MSI (4th floor)
  • Jun 11: Matt Jones: Grants Roundup – @ NCEAS
  • Jun 25: Chris Jones: PISCO Metacat Interface – @ MSI
  • Jul 09: Mike Daigle: Metacat 1.9 – @ NCEAS
  • Jul 23: All: Developer Round-up, yeehaw! –@MSI
  • Aug 06: Ben Leinfelder: EML Data Manager query specification –@NCEAS
  • Aug 20: Skip to next week
  • Aug 27: Chris Jones: Streaming Data/RBNB –@MSI
  • Sep 03: Postponed to due to conflicts with EIM / SAB
  • Sep 17: Shaun Walbridge: Kepler Project collaborative space –@MSI (nceas conf rooms are booked)
  • Oct 01: da team: Coordinating EML/Morpho/Metacat releases –@MSI (bumped from NCEAS again!)
  • Oct 15: Chad Berkley: Semantic Metacat –@NCEAS (we're confirmed, I swear)
  • Oct 29: Shaun Walbridge: Google tools and APIs, GIS –@MSI
  • Nov 12: Chad Burt and Colin Ebert: MarineMAP –@MSI
  • Nov 26: none
  • Dec 10: Debi Staggs, Aaron Schultz, Ben Leinfelder, Derik Barseghian, Daniel Crawl: Reporting, Workflow Run Management and Provenance within Kepler @MSI
  • Dec 24: none

2009 schedule

  • Jan 07: Margaret O'Brien, Aaron Schultz, Matt Jones: Packaging miscellaneous tools for easy reuse & Kepler Workflow Search and Repository – @NCEAS (2nd floor)
  • Jan 21: Ben Leinfelder: Using Apache's FOP in Kepler; rendering reports in PDF and more! – @MSI
  • Feb 04: Special Guest: David Welker: The new Kepler build system – @MSI
  • Feb 18: Ben Leinfelder as Moderator: Metacat and UTF8; then open forum – @MSI
  • Mar 4: SANParks TPC Team: Information session and meet-n-greet with grad students – @MSI
  • Mar 18: Paul Allen (Cornell): SciencePipes discussion – @NCEAS (2nd floor)
  • Apr 1: Everyone: Welcome back, Chad – @MSI
  • Apr 15: SKIP
  • Apr 29: Aaron Schultz: Kelper: KARs, LSIDs, extension points, etc… – @MSI
  • May 13: Mike Daigle: Metacat Wrap-up – @NCEAS
  • May 27: Aaron Schultz: Protoforge – @MSI
  • June 10: Margaret O'Brien: Project Schema – @NCEAS
  • Aug 2: Sean Riddle: Kepler Tagging Module – @MSI
  • Aug 19: Everyone: SANParks wrap-up/next steps – @MSI
  • Sept 2: Dan Crawl: Kepler Engineering View – @NCEAS
  • Sept 16: SKIP (ASM-LTER)
  • Sept 23: Everyone: Internationalization (Morpho, Kepler) – @MSI
  • Sept 30: Mike Daigle: Grid Security Infrastructure (GSI) – @MSI
  • Oct 14: Everyone: Kepler WRP exercises – @MSI
  • Oct 28: Everyone: Leveraging Ontologies (Kepler, Semtools) – @MSI
  • Nov 11: SKIP (Veterans Day)
  • Nov 25: SKIP (pre-holiday)
  • Dec 09: SKIP (morpho training)
  • Dec 16: Jianwu Wang: Kepler + Hadoop: Enabling MapReduce in Scientific Workflow Systems – @NCEAS
  • Dec 23: SKIP (pre-holiday)
  • Jan 06: TBD: (DataONE) – @MSI

Past 2007 and 2006 schedules

Potential topics

This is a list of ideas that I (MBJ) came up with in a discussion with Chris. We think these are examples of interesting topics for overviews or discussions. Please feel free to add to the list, or modify items. I'll be approaching people for volunteers for the slots above, so think about what you might want to discuss a bit. The intent is that this should not take a lot of preparation on the presenter's part – rather, they should be more or less giving an update on something they are working on and use any slides or demos needed to make it clear. But we want to stress that this should be an informal presentation and discussion.

      Dan: Overview of Kepler
      Dan: Using R, Matlab, and EcoGrid in Kepler
      Dan: Directors and models of computation in Kepler
      Dan: Building installers for software
      Sid: The ESA data registry changes to Metacat
   Callie: moderating the ESA registry
      Sid: Metacat performance issues
      Sid: Metacat client UIs -- developing new skins
    Chris: A new CSS-based skins system for Metacat
 MatthewP: Spatial extensions to metacat
     Jing: EcoGrid, purpose and API overview
     Jing: Pitfalls in consuming EML-described data for analysis
     Chad: VegBank, purpose and overview
     Chad: Vegbank shopping cart
     Josh: Ontologies and EML, overview of OBOE
     Matt: Distributed computing in Kepler
     Matt: EML, the next version
 Margaret: Publications in EML at SBC
 ChadBurt: Web exploration and mapping for PISCO subtidal data
 ChadBurt: Using google maps for data exploration -- mini how-to
   Sabine: The evolving MCR data management system
     Matt: CEO-P: realtime data in Kepler via Antelope and OpenDAP
     Matt: LDAP, replication, certificates, failover, single sign on
   Jordan: Drupal and CMS for scientific projects
     Matt: Kepler and SEEK Wikis
   Jordan: 3D web maps of intertidal data using R and Matlab
    Chris: Physical Oceanography data access page
 Margaret: OPeNDAP for ecological and oceanographic data
    Chris: Metacat replication across PISCO
    Chris: Harvesting metacat/eml to NODC using NetCDF format
     Josh: Semantic extensions to Metacat and Morpho
 ChadBurt: Video archiving for subtidal videos
 MatthewP: Openlayers and web-GIS client software stacks
 MatthewP: Using PostGIS behind scientific applications
 MatthewP: OGC WMS and WFS -- mini how-to
   Regetz: Ruby on Rails for scientific data

Local System setup

  • Currently: Ben and Derik
  • Helps with physical setup
  • Slides/projector and iSight
  • iChat
  • Also an option: VNC access to slides (see Sharing your Desktop with VNC)
  • IRC backchannel for help
  • Will rotate to another person approximately every quarter


  • Currently: Ben and Derik
  • Solicits and identifies topics of interest
  • Schedules volunteers for topics as they are available
  • Will rotate to another person approximately every quarter
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