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Upcoming postdoc training workshop at NCEAS:

August 2-3, 2007

Thursday am: Session I

Thursday pm: Session II

Friday am: Session III

Below is a generic outline for (rapid) Ecoinformatics training, in 3 half-day sessions. For an example of a more extensive workshop on KNB-specific tools and concepts, refer to the 2004 KNB Workshop.

Session I

Making your data work for you

  1. Intro to (eco)informatics issues, history, directions
  2. Approaches to data management/analysis: A Goofus and Gallant case study
    • The siren song of spreadsheets
    • The perils of point-and-click (aka, scripts are super)
  3. Recollection
  4. Reproduction
  5. Reuse
    • Cross-platform is cool
    • - more -

Session II

Sharing is caring

  1. NCEAS Ecoinformatics program
    • History
    • Current activities
  2. Metadata
    • Why is data description so important?
    • Metadata standards and such
    • Ecological Metadata Language: A practical overview
  3. Registering and accessing (meta/)data through the web
  4. Morpho: Desktop software for managing data/metadata
    • Where to get it
    • How to use it (search & retrieval; enter your data/metadata via wizards)

Session III

Get ready for the future…

  1. Kepler: Scientific workflow management
    • Overview
    • Examples of workflows
    • Hands-on Kepler activities? (Guided lab or free-form?)
  2. EarthGrid: Beyond the KNB
  3. Other projects in the pipeline?
    • REAP
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