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Building Morpho Release Distribution

Morpho release candidates are built on the nceas dev server to ensure safe, repeatable builds. The following instructions explain how to create a morpho release build:<br>

Files need to be changed version number

  • build.xml
  • README.txt
  • lib/config.xml
  • src/edu/ucsb/nceas/morpho/

Build new morphhelp.jar file if eml-2.1.0 documents is updated

  • Edit build.xml in morpho - setting eml-tag (current value is RELEASE_EML_2_1_0) to correct value.
  • <tt>ant fullclean helpjar</tt>
  • check new lib/morphohelp.jar into cvs.

Note: this is the first step if the documentation of eml schema is changed. If there is no changes on the eml documentation, this step can be skipped.

Prep Build Directories

  • Log into
  • Go to build directory:
    • <tt>cd build</tt>
  • If morpho directory exist, remove it.

Get Morpho Code

  • Export the morpho code tagged with MORPHO_1_6_2_RC4
    • <tt>cvs export -r MORPHO_1_6_2_RC4 morpho</tt>

Make Distributions

  • make windows installer
    • <tt>ant clean buildwininstaller</tt>
    • move morpho-1.6.2.exe to (note: NOT morpho.exe!) /var/www/
  • make mac installer
    • ant clean buildmacinstaller

move morpho-1.6.2-mac.jar to /var/www/

  • make linux installer
    • ant clean buildlinuxinstaller
    • move morpho-1.6.2-linux.jar to /var/www/

Note: you may have to edit eml-210-schema-tag and eml-210-style-tag in build.xml (currently they use eml-2.1.0-RC4 tag.)

Update morpho documentation and download url at knb web site (in knbweb module)

  • Change property of morpho.releasetag to MORPHO_1_6_2_RC4 in build.xml
  • <tt>ant clean morphoupdate</tt>
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