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Paseo Room (323)


  • ~475 sqft
  • Up to 24 seats in the Hollow Square setup (default)
  • Up-to 28 seats in a U-shape setup with people sitting inside the U


See room layout

  • 40 tabletop power outlets
  • 20 wired Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • 802.11 a/b/g/n Wi-Fi
  • TVs - 90“ (front of the room), 70” (window side) & 47“ (door side)
  • Dedicated presentation laptop - the MacBook Pro sitting on the mobile projector/laptop stand in the center of the table setup.
  • Apple TV - sits approx. in the center of the window side of the table setup
  • Audio/Video setup for Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype etc.

Options for presenting locally and to remote participants

Use the remote controls to turn on one or both TVs, the 90” and the 70“. If you use both TVs, by default it shows mirrored screens.

Option 1

  • Use the dedicated presentation laptop
    • Transfer your presentation to the laptop via USB stick, Google Drive, Dropbox, email etc.
  • Plug any of the HDMI cables coming out of the tables into the laptop. The displays will auto-switch to the computer.

Option 2

  • Use your own laptop to present
  • Plug any of the HDMI cables coming out of the tables into your laptop and set your laptop to output to an external monitor, if necessary. The displays will auto-switch to the computer.
    • Use the VGA to HDMI converter if your computer just supports VGA output

Option 3

  • If you have a 2012 or newer Mac laptop, you can project wirelessly to the Apple TV using AirPlay.
  • Wake up the Apple TV by pressing any key on the associated Apple TV remote control. (The remote is in the toolbox.)
  • You might have to unplug/plug in the Apple TV to the HDMI switcher.
  • Turn on AirPlay Display for Conf Room (see image AirPlay Display).

AirPlay Display

Display issues

For remote participation

  • Turn on the 47” TV and make sure input is set to 'LAPTOP' (TV controls are on the left side)
  • Start the VTC session (GoToMeeting, Zoom, etc) on the AV laptop on the wire cart
  • Turn on video within the VTC session
  • Double-check that audio input is set to Dante Soundcard, audio output set to SV470XVT1A (the 47“ TV, any audio should come out of the sound bar)
  • Distribute the wireless boundary mics to the microphone stands located around the tables, un-mute them (lights need to be green), and plug in the USB power adapters next to the mic stands, if necessary.
  • Join the dedicated presentation laptop to the VTC session but DO NOT join the computer audio
    • Share its screen
  • Test the audio on a separate computer by joining the same VTC session
  • Optional: Join the Mac mini behind the 47” TV to the same session
    • Switch the input of the 47“ TV to the Mac mini
    • Use the wireless keyboard & mouse to join the VTC session
    • Do not join computer audio
    • Turn on video
    • Switch the input of the 47” TV back to the AV laptop
  • Join any presenting laptop to the same session and share its screen (do not join computer audio)

VTC audio issues

Regular Phone Calls

  • Phone #: 805-893-7524 - There is a phone cord routed to the table underneath the Apple TV.
  • Ask the computing support staff for help with setting up the conference phone.
  • The Paseo Room is enabled for local and toll-free calls only. Make sure to precede the number with a 9. If you need to call long-distance, ask the admin staff about our conferencing service (ReadyTalk).

Air Conditioning

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