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Power Outage Notes


In the event of a power outage lasting longer than the network room UPS runtime, all servers in the network room will power down cleanly.

When power returns, all equipment will start back up automatically, except for sherlock, the OS X Mac Mini server. The power button will need to be pressed, or wait for the automatic power on at 7am. After Sherlock boots GUS must be started manually.


The NHDC has UPS and generator power backup with scheduled diesel delivery, which provides indefinite runtime in the event of a power outage. Because of this the servers at NHDC do not have any automatic shutdown ability in the event of a power loss. Servers will need to be manually powered down in the event that the backup generators cannot be refueled.

If the servers at the North Hall Data Center lose power, they are configured to start back up when power returns. All virtual servers will need to be powered on manually according to the Virtual Server List.

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