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Getting Started with the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards

The SMART Interactive Whiteboard with its touch sensitive screen enables you to use your finger as a cursor or pen by dragging it along the surface of the SMART Board and to capture (save to computer) the text and images that you create on it. The SMART Board can also be used in a conventional way, although we do not recommend it.(*)

Connected to a computer and a data projector (recommended). In this mode, you can project anything from your computer onto the whiteboard, and easily annotate it and edit it. It enables you to keep a complete record of anything you draw on the SMART Board, including multiple screens of information saved one after another. One can connect to a computer (Windows, Macintosh, or Linux) with the USB cable, but the computer must have been loaded with the appropriate “SMART Board software”.

Some applications, like PowerPoint and Word, are SMART Board “aware”, and have special functions to save these annotations into the applications, or to the SMART Board tool Notebook. Note that the color of the pens is determined by which of the pen wells is empty. Also, you can use the “SMART Board tools” to toggle between pen mode, mouse click, or cursor mode, as well as select areas of the screen for capture. A drawback of working on the whiteboard is that you have to stay out of the way of the data projector, and sometimes are blocking areas of interest on the screen as you annotate it. (One can also annotate the presentation, however, from the computer and these will appear on the SMART Board).

(*) Due to the special surface made to work with LCD projectors, we have found it difficult to clean the SMART Board when it is used with normal dry-erase pens. That said, glass cleaner and dry-erase liquid cleaners can both be used to wipe the SMART Board clean. Please spray the cleaner into the cloth rather than directly onto the SMART Board. Cleaner running down into the electronics has already destroyed one of our boards. Of course, please *never* use the SMART Board with permanent markers!

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