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No toolbar

  • After installing EndNote and opening Microsoft Word, I do not see the EndNote toolbar or commands under the Tools menu.: How can I fix this?

Toolbar not working

  • Toolbar present but not working. Issue with Adobe contribute.

> Browse to C : \Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Contribute CS3. Rename officeplugin.dll to officeplugin.dllOLD. When you relaunch Word, the Contribute toolbar should be removed.


Transfer profile

FF locks up

  • Firefox locks up or uses a lot of memory

> Tools → Options → Content → Load images automatically → Exceptions… → delete any blocked content

Microsoft Office

Cannot open .docx file

In Office 2007 Microsoft introduced a new file format called the Microsoft Open Office XML Format (.docx). This format is not compatible with older versions of Microsoft Word. Use any of the following solutions:

  • Open the document in MS Office 2010 on the Windows PCs in the Vislab and save it as an earlier version of MS Office
  • Open the document in MS Office 2008 on the Mac in the Vislab and save it as an earlier version of MS Office: File → Save As … → Format: Word 97 - 2004 Document (.doc), make sure Append file extension is checked
  • Open the document in OpenOffice 3 on any computer in the Vislab and save it as an earlier version of MS Office
  • Upgrade to Office 2007 or 2010 (Windows), Office 2008 (Mac) or OpenOffice 3 (Windows or Mac)

Slow opening Documents

Word 2007 takes a painful amount of time to open; or printing locks up system.

Cannot edit business card template

When attempting to edit the business card template, you find that you cannot click in the Name or the Title fields

  • Use the Find/Replace feature of Word; CTRL-H, find Name, replace with desired name, and find Title and replace with desired title (Temporary workaround until we fix the business card template file)
  • Our custom office macro is not installed Staff Computer Setup

Operating Systems


Dual monitors not working

  1. Rename /etc/X11/xorg.conf and restart
  2. Try configuring monitors using System → Preference → Screen Resolution
  3. Try configuring the monitors using videocard-specific GUI app (System → Preference → NVIDIA X Server Settings or ATI Something)
  4. Try configuring the monitors using videocard-specific CLI app (nvidia-xconfig or aticonfig)
  5. Install different drivers and repeat #1-4: (not recommended - this often introduces bugs, use only if there is a known issue with the officially supported Ubuntu driver)
    1. Setup and use the NVIDIA PPA
    2. Manually install a new driver (NVIDIA)

Windows XP

Blue Screen of Death

Windows 7

Double network issue

  • If two networks start and prevent user from getting on the Internet
  1. Control Panel → System and Security → Administrative Tools → Services → stop and disable Bonjour Service
  2. Click OK then close everything and reboot

Missing shortcut network issue

  • If network icons are being deleted on Sunday, disable task

> * Start → Control Panel → System and Security → Administrative Tools → Task Scheduler → Task Scheduler Library → Microsoft → Windows → Diagnosis →

Name: Scheduled
Location: \Microsoft\Windows\Diagnosis
disable Scheduled

PCI Devices without drivers

  • When reinstalling a Windows operating system on an Intel based board, you may get an error in the device manager for 2 devices.
  1. pci simple communications controller
  2. pci serial port
  • Go to the driver page of the manufacturer and download these two drivers and run them
  1. HECI driver or AMT Active managment Tech Over LAN (SOL) Driver
  2. Intel Managment Engine driver
If they do not offer a Windows 7-64 bit driver, use the Vista 64 bit driver.
If when running the driver you get an error that states Driver is not supported
Run the program in Compatibility mode,as Vista SP2 and Administrator.


Clear DNS Cache

OS X 10.7+:

sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

OS X 10.6:

dscacheutil -flushcache
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