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If you read these instructions as a printout please go to to follow the links.

How can I connect to the NCEAS network and the Internet?

Ethernet: Plug in a cable, most computers will auto-configure the network setttings using dhcp.
Wireless (Wifi): Follow the instructions here: How to connect to the NCEAS wireless network ?

How can I print?

How can I send email when I am at NCEAS?

Sending email from the NCEAS network should work without any changes to your email client. However, some institutions will require the use of webmail or a VPN to send mail from a remote network.

Does NCEAS have any computers I can use?


  • Located in our Vislab and the two Breakout Rooms (327 & 306) are several shared computers that are hooked up to the Internet and available for your use. These Windows and Apple computers feature a broad array of Internet, Office, Graphics, and Scientific/Analytical application software. If you cannot locate the package that you need, please ask one of the computing support staff for assistance.
  • We also have available a limited number Windows and Mac laptops that can be loaned out for computing during a workshop.

How can I teleconference into a working group meeting?

I would like to quickly share some data with some remote colleagues. How can I do this?

  1. A visitor account provides login access to a storage area where files can be shared anywhere within our network. The password is displayed on machines in our Common Access areas. Temporary Network Storage
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