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Campus Resources

  • Library proxy server - access to the UCSB library if you are not at NCEAS or on campus
    • Windows
      • Install OpenVPN
      • Run OpenVPN as Administrator (right-click on the shortcut in the start menu)
      • Right-click OpenVPN in the System Tray ⇒ Connect ⇒ Enter your UCSBnetID credentials
        • If you see any error messages, double-check that you ran OpenVPN as Administrator
      • Optional: Go to and make sure you got an on-campus address (VPN) - 128.111.61.x or 128.111.64.x
      • Map network drives with their fully qualified domain names
        • e. g. \\\nceas
      • The connection may not reconnect after your computer sleeps. Check that the icon in the system tray is green, and not yellow or red.
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